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“Conflicts and bad feelings are damaging to your operation”
Conflicts, bad feelings and unhappy individuals are directly damaging to your operation. Staff turnover increases, clients feel the negative energy, and individuals who do not work well together are less productive.

Rita Makkannaw teaches hands on methods of how to improve harmony on your team as taught to her by native elders of North America.

The Raven Way Philosophy

The Raven way incorporates efficiency, harmony, creativity and creation to your institution or corporation. Raven was co-creator. He brought to mankind those things needed to sustain life including the sun, the moon and fire. He did it in such a way as to create harmony, peace and light, and he was the trickster.

How can Rita help your corporation?
Rita at the age of 40 began her search for knowledge and wisdom and an understanding of the spiritual experiences that were happening to her. In that search she met and later married Raven Makkannaw, a North American Native elder. He was a great teacher, a healer and a spiritual leader. Their joint vision was to bring peace, harmony and understanding of the universal spiritual knowledge and wisdom to the global community.

Now two decades of learning from The North American Natives have passed and with permission from elders she is now sharing some of the old knowledge of understanding the importance of bringing people in alignment with creation, nature and each other.

Rita has participated in a multitude of conflict resolutions and the creation of new programs. Everyone from individuals to families to small and large institutions have benefited significantly from utilizing the Raven Way Philosophy. The largest was Capital Health, which provides medical services to 1.6 million people of various languages and ethnic backgrounds. As the operational coordinator for the Aboriginal Wellness Program she was responsible for incorporating the traditional native ways in to a modern western medical model.

The dream and the Vision is the spirit of your corporation
Each corporation or institution is based on a dream and a vision. This is the spirit of your corporation. When the dream and the vision of the individuals become synonymous with the dream and vision of the corporation, you will have more harmony, efficiency and creativity.


Rita, through her living and training with the Native elders can bring an understanding of the cause of emotional and spiritual conflict and give the tools to achieve overall strength and balance. She uses hands on practical techniques, to improve productivity, creativity and unity resulting in efficiency.
Every person needs to understand the importance of their contribution, to themselves, their employer, their family, their community and their world. Effective communication is the foundation to success. It must be respectful and effective.
The Talking Circle (Coaching in meetings)
Utilizing the old traditional talking circle improves the flow of ideas and creativity. This method brings openness and freedom so many more ideas are presented.
Rita Makkannaw guides teams through the philosophy and rules of the talking circle with the clear purpose to improve efficiency and create more positive energy and unity on teams.

Rita coaches individuals or teams in the art of communication including the utilization of the talking circle. She helps people to understand WHO they really are and how to bring everything they are to all aspects of their life.

The Raven Way Philosophy and its methods can be adopted for creation of new leadership teams, as a problem solver and the enhancement of unity. It is effective for on sight meetings or alternative settings such as gatherings, conferences etc

Cross Cultural Workshops
Rita Makkannaw will work together with her partners to bring the beautiful old knowledge of the North American Native traditions into the modern world in which we live.
Your group will learn about Old Knowledge and spirituality and how to use it for a better life for themselves and for all around.




“Our modern world,
in its explosive change, has lost some of its
old knowledge
on how to live life in
harmony and balance.”