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“She helped me see more clearly”
Rita is a delight to work with. Drawing from her diverse professional and life experiences, she helped me explore some of the key areas of my personality that were consistently holding me back. With compassion, gentleness, and wisdom Rita was able to help me see more clearly personal issues that I was struggling to address on my own. She is practical and grounded, and I felt more personal empowerment after a few sessions with her.
Randal Kabatoff, photographer, Edmonton, Canada

“Spirituality is everywhere”
Is spirituality limited to weekend workshops and ceremonies?
Rita showed me the answer to that question. Spirituality is everywhere. Whether it is in
co-existence with children, at work with collegues and bosses, being a boss yourself, the nature, the animals or with your partner, you can always embrace spirituality and create harmony and success.
Receiving spiritual coaching from Rita as a parent, a leader, a collegue, and a partner, enlightened me to the profound meaning of life success.
Birgitte Næsselund, major in the Danish army, Fredericia, Denmark

“Rita teaches with joy and laughter”
I have had the honour of attending Rita Makkannaw's workshops over the many yeas. She shares her innate knowledge with the participants in a way that is easy to assimilate and with joy and laughter. Always the power is returned to the participants to use for themselves in their life evolution.
Ann Buigan, physiotherapist and actress, Montreal, Canada


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The Thunderbird

Thunderbird watches from the sky Sees all from heights higher than high
With lightning speed he comes with fire Back on the wind he flies even higher.