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The Turtle

The turtle is a very important symbol for all North American Indian Tribes.   North America is turtle island. You can superimpose a turtle and it will follow the outline of North America, Mexico being the tail. How did the Native people know that?

When I asked the elders they said why wouldn’t we? We fly.

They also have a story about a great flood which includes the turtle. For that story you will need to bring tobacco to a story teller. That can only be done in winter.

I will share the story of the gift of the turtle I received.

This particular turtle means a lot to me as I received it in a very special way.
I had devoted much of my life integrating the Western medical model with the North American Indian philosophy of wellness.
I was at a diabetes conference for North American Indian physicians in Denver Colorado, where a Mohawk physician passed it to me. The turtle is made by an old woman from the Mohawk Nation. She filled the inside with corn. I was told that whoever has this turtle in their possession would never go hungry.

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The Turtle

“Our modern world,
in its explosive change, has lost some of its
old knowledge
on how to live life in
harmony and balance.”