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Book launch for my latest book
From Smoke Signals to Cell Phones - The Henry Laboucan Story
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Thursday Sept 29. 2022 - 11 AM to 12:30.
Truth and Reconciliation Day 
at the: Lions Senior Recreation Center
111 Ave and 113 Str. Edmonton Alberta, Canada
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Stew and Bannock will be served at the Ella Cafe. 

David Goa will follow with his Philosopher's cafe talking about the pope's visit.

AS A SMALL CHILD HENRY LIVED A HAPPY PEACEFUL LIFE in the isolated community of Lubicon Lake until the arrival of settlers. In his own words (as told to Rita Makkannaw) Henry will take you through the nightmare of being ripped from his family and sent to St. Bernard Residential School in Grouard Alberta. After spending some years raging, he reconnected with elders and found peace in the traditional ways. Henry openly shares his healing journey back to harmony. His story is a true account of one Cree man’s chapter in Canadian history.

Henry had a dream of sharing traditional knowledge with the coming faces of his people. Therefore 100% of profits will go to Mihkowapikwaniy Cultural Camp which is a storytelling leadership gathering located in Lubicon Traditional Territory where culture is celebrated, and traditions are passed down.
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RITA IS A DANISH/CANADIAN WOMAN WHO IMMIGRATED to Northern Alberta at the age of nine. At age 41 she met and married a Cree elder, Raven Makkannaw. Together they dedicated their lives to create harmony between all people. In that quest Rita met Henry and was his friend for over thirty years. She is humbled and honored that he trusted her to capture his words just the way he wanted them.



Winter is bringing more presentations for senior clubs, educational institutions, churches and any other clubs who might be interested in a few hours of sharing some cross cultural experiences. Every presentation is unique to the interests of the audience.

Listed are some of the topics which may be covered:

  • A white woman's journey as the wife of a North American Cree medicine man and spiritual leader of his people.

  • Turning failure into success in the educational field.

  • Working traditional and western medicine hand in hand.

  • Understanding cultural differences and how misunderstandings affect people within our institutions.

  • Communication in harmony.

  • Spirituality in everyday life.

  • Personal empowerment

  • Protection from losing one’s power and how to regain it in a good way.

I am adding a one full day's one on one session where we may address life strategies and personal empowerment


Author RITA MAKKANNAW is offering
Life Strategies and Spiritual Development Coaching

  • Do you wonder WHO you really are and what is your purpose?

  • Are you sometimes left feeling powerless? Would you like to learn how to get your power back in a good way?

  • Would you like to learn how to use your power to benefit yourself and others?

  • Would you like to learn how to communicate more effectively?

  • Are you stuck in the past?

  • Are you confused about your future?

  • Would you like to learn more about how to celebrate your spirituality in your own way?

Rita will share with you tools to bring your life closer to a state of harmony, of joy, of success as you see it.

One on one sessions available at this location.
Register in person or by phone 780-960-2166
Cost; 75 dollars/session. Appr. 1 hour.


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Foredrag, storytelling og præsentationer i klubber, foreninger, konferencer, organisationer, familie forsamlinger osv. kan arrangeres. Ring eller skriv!

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The Sea

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Here I sit on my log by the sea. I thank the Creator to be free To know who I am, to be just me.
The way that I am meant to be.