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The Drum

The drum is called the heartbeat of the nation. Every culture has drums.

Today I will tell you the story of one camp we hosted for the University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Everyone registered for the camp independently and no one knew each other. Everyone arrived and spent the first afternoon getting settled in. Each person finding their home and their family for the weekend.

Come evening we had a sharing circle, with prayers and introductions. As one person after another spoke, they all shared a story about their particular drum. Everyone was from a different background, different nation and had different drum stories, but each person had a drum. Every evening we would go to sleep to the sound of drumming.

That was one of the most memorable camps we had. It was so spiritual. On the last day in the closing circle one participant told us he was a Buddhist monk. He had decided not to share that as he wanted to participate as the person he was. We all came together as one people, one fire.

We were all blessed.

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The Drum

“Our modern world,
in its explosive change, has lost some of its
old knowledge
on how to live life in
harmony and balance.”