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Life Strategeis For Individuals
Old knowledge to help you here and now

Life strategies for individuals
Being the best you can be with what you have
Rita will guide you through processes, which will put you in control of your life.
She will coach you back to a place of power, utilizing all aspects of who you are, including physical, mental, emotional and especially spiritual.
She will guide you to find your own answers to the meaning of your visions.
We all have them. Understanding how visions are a message and utilizing this knowledge will greatly enhance your life and bring you closer to knowing who you are, which will in turn bring harmony and balance to your life.

Recognize your helpers
You will learn how to make the best possible decisions in order to create the best possible life for your self. It is true you are in control, but we are social creatures who depend on other people and spiritual guides to guide and support us. You will learn how to recognize your helpers and know your personal message for better choices.

Everyone has a past, now letís live in the moment
We will examine what to do with your past, good or bad, and how to utilize past experiences to build for the only reality there is: This very moment. Living in the moment can move us through lifeís many challenges in a healthy way.
Rita Makkannaw guides individuals using old knowledge about harmony and balance. All her teachings are based on the wisdom fro the North American native community.



The Symbol of Life
This symbol was passed to me in a very special way. It represents the teachings of who we are as is individuals and as humans on this planet earth.

Each direction has a special meaning. Every person has their own unique gifts, their own strengths and weaknesses. Utilizing the teachings will help everyone to understand WHO they are and see the beauty of the spirit in all of us.