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Vickie Cowan
Vickie Cowan is an Australian Aborigine who was raised on the land in the old traditional way. She has also spent 15 years on a reserve near Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Vickie Cowan brings with her old knowledge from both the Australian Aborigines and North American Natives. One of her specialties is helping people heal from multigenerational trauma.
She has an Associate Diploma in Community Development from the University of Adelaide.

Vickie Cowan can facilitate workshops in:

 - Life Skills including family life coaching
 - Addictions cessation, including smoking
 - Traditional parenting
 - Family and Child abuse

Jerry Dunson
Jerry Dunson is from the Kiowa and Ponca tribes of southern Oklahoma. He now resides in Denmark with his lovely wife Pianna and son Fillip.

Jerry is very traditional and is the holder of many ceremonies including the sweat lodge and vision quests. Although his main teacher has been his Uncle Bearheart, he has travelled widely amongst many tribes throughout America and has learned from many elders.

He is a traditional drummer and dancer.

Jerry also has team building training and has worked in many institutions, large and small including jails, group homes and hospitals.

Jerry has been a workshop leader and presenter in many countries including USA, Denmark, France, Belgium, Norway, Morocco and Japan. His topics have varied from traditional spirituality and ceremonies, health and wellness and Global environmental issues

He has served on the development committee and coordinated programs for the
University of Oklahoma, Native Spirituality and Wellness program.

Jerry has an extraordinary gift of being able to bring many of the old traditional ways to benefit us in our modern world. He is a strong believer in the prophecy that one day people will lay down their differences and walk together.

Henry Laboucan
Henry Laboucan is truly a citizen of the world. His early years were spent at Lubicon Lake in North Western Canada, before roads, and before contact with the European people.
He is a descendant of wisdom and bundle keepers.
He did go on to achieve a western education, and he has a rare gift of
being at ease sharing with all people.

His teachings have led him to become very active in all cultural and cross-cultural issues. He is a strong defender of Native Tradition and was a strong advocate for acquiring his people’s right to vote, to live in freedom and practice traditional ceremonies.
Henry Laboucan will bring teachings of the four colours, four directions, four winds, four peoples and how to create harmony with all.

Wendy Walker
Wendy is a North American Native Woman who is at home wherever her path has led her, but remains very true to her traditional teachings.
She has studied performing arts in Europe and is a very talented singer and songwriter, bringing her traditional teachings of harmony and peace into her music.
Wendy Walker has also worked hard bringing industry and the Native bands together for sustainable development.

She is a Life Skills Coach and does Cross Cultural Workshops.
She is a very talented M. C. and has moderated many events.
Wendy Walker brings with her a beautiful spirit, which understands how we are all citizens of the same world, and is a great advocate of peace and harmony for all who share mother earth.




“Our modern world,
in its explosive change, has lost some of its
old knowledge
on how to live life in
harmony and balance.”