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Personal Power
This workshop helps you to find your place of power, keep your power, and regain your power should you lose it. When you learn how to keep your power you will be able to live a much more peaceful life. You will live with increased harmony with all people and things around you.

Seven laws of spiritual living
These laws are a guide to balance and harmony in everyday life. They are the way of life of the people of wisdom.
By learning and living within these laws you will become stronger and more efficient in every aspect of your life, both personal and professional.

Woman, you are powerful
In this course we will discuss the power of women who are the most powerful spiritual beings. You will learn to understand your power and how to use it to create balance and harmony in your life. We will discuss traditional roles of women as leaders in every society.

Parenting with spirituality
Our children are our best teachers. Learn how to listen to the lessons they teach us. It is very easy to damage the spirit of a child. You will learn how to correct behavior without damaging your child’s spirit.
You will learn how to support your children to reach their full potential and more.

Life force balancing
This is an introductory course in understanding energy and how it affects us.  You will learn how to direct your energy for help for yourself and others.

It is a sixteen-hour course, which introduces an understanding of your healing power.
Part two: Another 16 hours where we will explore deeper into healing powers. Prerequisite is either part one or previous experience in energy healing modalities.

Part three: Mentoring: Rita will be available for consultation either by mail, phone or in person. This will be ongoing for as many months as you desire.




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