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The TeePee

Every year we put up teepees at our home and for many years set a camp where people from all over the world attended.

Setting the teepees was always a very special event in our lives. As we erected them the elders would pray and tell us the meaning of the teepee.

Prayers were said for love, health, unity, humility, joy, peace, tranquility,
power, grandfathers, grandmothers and for good things for all who entered the

The top is called the nest and there is great pride in getting it perfectly circular. When we tie the poles together we remembered the old knowledge of strength and unity. The rope holds the poles together as the family is held together.

The covering represents a woman’s skirt. She is the keeper of the family. The pins that holds the canvas together are called breast pins and represent the heart of the teepee. The pegs that holds the teepee to the ground represent the spirits that protect the people who enter.

The flaps are the sun and the moon.

So all who enter, are under the care of the woman. They sit under the sun and the moon and are in the presence of the heart of shelter. Prayers of thanks are always said by all who enter.


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