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Dannebrog is the name of the Danish flag. The word means “the Dane’s flag” It is reported to be the oldest flag in the world.

I decided to share the story of our beloved Dannebrog because I am Danish and have heard this story as a very young child. After I shared with the elders I got a new insight and a much deeper appreciation of our flag.

All Danes know the story of how they got their precious flag. It is told to them from a very young age. All story tellers begin with “the story goes like this”

On the 15th of June 1219, their king Valdemar the Big was on Crusade to Estonia when the Danish soldiers were totally overpowered. They were losing the battle and had many casualties. Suddenly the clouds parted and from the sky dropped the Danish flag. A voice from the heavens told them to hold it high and they would win. They did hold it high and they did win.

I feel most Danes although they love the story and repeat it for generation after generation has a hard time to believe it could actually be true. When I told the story to my late husband Raven, he simply shrugged and said. “It was spiritually passed.” I was surprised at his reaction, so I thought I would try it out on other elders. Their reaction was the same.

They have such a deep understanding of the spiritual realm and did not find it strange at all.

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“Our modern world,
in its explosive change, has lost some of its
old knowledge
on how to live life in
harmony and balance.”