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The Talking Stick

The talking stick is utilized in various ways. The rules are very strict and when adhered to will bring knowledge and harmony to the participants of the circle.

The first time I saw this in action was the first time I went to a youth and elder’s conference. This was on the west coast of Canada. It happened in a long house. A couple was having difficulty in their marriage.

They were called to the middle and one blanket was draped over both of them. Four elders were chosen to speak, each in turn. They were given tobacco and gifts to counsel the couple. As each was passed the talking stick, which was a carved staff, they spoke about love, commitment, consequences of bringing negative thoughts and feelings to their home, the effects of a split on the children, spirituality and how to use that for harmony in their home and many other things.

When they finished, they passed blankets and the talking stick to them. They were also passed the right to use certain teachings and medicines.

There were about four hundred people there, and they all listened.

The talking stick can also be used for harmony within families, special interest groups and corporations. The process differs, but the result of harmony is the same.

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The talking stick